ZMPT101B – voltage transformer operating guide

Part Number : ZMPT101B

Function : voltage transformer operating guide

Manufactures : ETC

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ZMPT101B(ZMPT107) voltage transformer operating guide 1、Wiring diagram FigureⅠ Figure Ⅱ 2、Determination of maximum output rms voltage Umax: Umax is decided by the AD peak voltage in the sampling loop in principle. Peakvoltag e As for Bipolar AD,Umax= 2 peak voltage As for unipolar AD,Umax= 2 2 for example: As for ± 5V AD,the maximum rms voltage of the transformer: Umax = 5V / 2 =3.53V As for 0~3.3V AD,the maximum rms voltage of the transformer:V max = 3.3V / 2 2 =1.16V 3、Determination of input current-limiting resistor R′ Current-limiting resistor R′= V I V:Rated input voltage I : Rated operating current ( when Coil resistance is compared with current-limiting resistor R′ , it can be ignored.) ZMPT101B/ZMPT107 usually working at rated current:1~2mA. When Rated input voltage≤100V , Usually choosing the operating current I=2mA; When Rated input voltage≥220V,To reducing the resistor power, Usually choosing the operating current 1 mA ≤I≤2 mA. for example: V=100V,I=2 mA, R′= V =50K Ω I for example: V=220V,I=1.1mA, R′= V =200 kΩ I To improve reliability, the current-limiting resistor selected usually is greater than its 4times the rated power, and generally use a high temperature coefficient metal film resistor. 4、Determination of the sampling resistor R VR = V R= •outputmax outputmax I Vinputmax for example: Voutput max =3.53V,Vinput max =120V, R′ =50 kΩ Directions: R= 3.53 ×50 k Ω =1.471 kΩ 120 (1) Above formula is also suitable for the two ways of active and passive output . (2)when selecting the sampling resistor,Resistor should not exceed :Voutput max • R′ /Vinput max 5、The advantages and disadvantages of the two wiring (1)、Active output Advantage:high precise, small phase error,high output voltage,strong load capacity。 As for unipolar AD,the positive input terminal of the op amp can plus a fixed benchmark reference voltage to solve. Meanwhile,in order to simplify the line, Generally do not access the c and r which are for the phase compensation. If you need to compensate,Usually use the software way. Disadvantage:Line is a little more complicated. (2)、Passive output Advantage:Simple circuit,High precision. Disadvantage : The output voltage has certain limitations , The greater the load resistance, the greater the phase difference Typical testing data are as follows: […]

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ZMPT101B Datasheet

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