A2-16PA-2.54DSA Datasheet – Density Connector – Hirose

Part Number : A2-16PA-2.54DSA

Function : 2.54mm Pitch High Density Connector

Manufacturers : HIROSE ELECTRIC

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A2-16PA-2.54DSA datasheet


Description :

1. High Density Mounting
Connectors are aligned in the longitudinal direction on the 2.54 mm mesh board, so that no idle space can occur.

2. Variation in Number of Contacts
The A1 series contains 16 types of 6 to 64 contacts, while the A2 series contains 20 types of 1 to 20 contacts,

3. Compatibility
The A1 series is compatible with HIF3B series cable side
and HIF3H receptacle for wide applications.

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