A2633 Datasheet PDF – 3D PS/2 CMOS Optical Mouse Chip

Part Number : A2633

Function : 3D PS/2 CMOS optical mouse single chip

Package :  Staggered DIP12 type

Manufacturers : Apexone Microelectronics

Image : A2633 datasheet pinout


The A2633 is a CMOS process with excellent optical navigation and uses a small number of peripheral electronic components. It is fully compatible with Microsoft IntelliMouse 3D and IBM PS/2 mice, and supports mechanical Z-axis encoders. PS/2 optical mouse single chip. The A2633 is also pin-to-pin compatible with the A2636.


1. Single 5V power supply
2. Microsoft 3D and IBM PS/2 mouse compatible
3. Single chip solution for both USB & PS/2 mouse function
4. Designed for Vista,Windows2000, XP, ME, and 98 and Linux
5. Complete USB v1.1 1.5Mbps compatibility
6. Supports three buttons (L, M, R) and 3D input
7. High speed motion detection

Application Circuits

optic a2633 circuit


1. PS/2 Optical mouse
2. Trackball mouse

A2633 Datasheet

A2633 pdf