A3B-04PA-2DS Datasheet – 2mm Pitch Connector, Hirose

Part Number : A3B-04PA-2DS

Function : 2mm Pitch Miniature Connector

Manufacturers : HIROSE ELECTRIC

Images :

A3B-04PA-2DS datasheet


Description :

1. Miniature Type and High Density Mounting

These connectors are designed in a miniature and light weight product, and mounted in the high density. The crimping case is structured in the 2mm pitch grid, so connectors can be arranged for use.

2. Variation in Number of Contacts

In addition to the dip type, SMT and crimping types a available with broad variations.

3. Stacking Variation

When the connector is used for board to board, set 6 between boards in conjunction with the pin header A or 5.1mm between boards in conjunction with the pin header A3C.

(1) A3B Straight Type
(2) A3B Right Angle Type

Other data sheets within the file : A3B-04PA-2DS, A3B-04PA-2DSA, A3B-06PA-2DSA, A3B-08PA-2DSA

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