AA88347 Datasheet – 8-Bit, CMOS processed DAC

Part Number : AA88347

Function : CMOS processed digital to analog converter

Package : SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

AA88347 datasheet

Description :

The AA88347 is a CMOS processed digital to analog converter (DAC) with 8-bit resolution, low leakage current and low operating current. The AA88347 has 8 channels with build in operational amplifier output buffers which could operate in the full-swing voltage range from VCC to GND and enhance the Drive/Sink ability up to max. 1mA. Digital data (DI) input serially in a max. 2.5 MHz clock (CLK) rate.

The latched 12-bit digital data is converted into an analog DC voltage in the range from VSS to VDD with 8-bit resolution in one of the eight channels by the D/A converter in a max. 100μs settling time.


.12 bits serial data input(3 wire serial data transfer method, DI, CLK, LD)
.R-2R resistor ladder used for D/A conversion
.8 channels with 8-bit resolution monotonic D/A converted
.Max. 2.5 MHz serial digital data input
.Serial I/O for cascade application
.Max. 1.0 mA output drive/sink current
.Two separate power supply/ground lines for system and analog power supply
.Single +5 V system power supply


Other data sheets within the file : AA-88347, AA88347AP

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