ACM1602A Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ACM1602A

Function : 0.0-6.5V; 5x7dots with cursor; 16characters x 2lines; dot size0.55×0.65mm; AZ display

Manufacturers : AZ Displays

Pinouts :

ACM1602A datasheet

Description :


– Number of Characters : 16 characters x 2 line
– Character Format : 5 x 7 dots with cursor
– Overall Module Size (W x H x D) : 84.0x 44.0x max 14.5for LED backlight version
 84.0x 44.0x max 9.5for reflective or EL backlight version
– Dot Size (W x H)  :0.55x 0.65
– Dot Pitch (W x H)  :0.60x 0.70
– Duty  :1/16
– Controller  :IC KS0066
– LC Fluid  :Options STN
– Polarizer Options  :Reflective, Transflective, Transmissive
– Backlight Options  :EL, LED
– Temperature Range Options : Standard, Wide temp

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ACM1602A pdf

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