AD2702 Datasheet – Precision Reference Series

Part Number : AD2702

Function : +-10 Volt Precision Reference Series

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD2702 datasheet

Description :

The AD2700 family of precision 10 volt references offer the user excellent accuracy and stability at a moderate price by combining the recognized advantages of thin film technology and active laser trimming. The low temperature drift (3ppm/°C) achieved with these technologies can be matched only by the use of ovens, chip heaters for temperature regulation, or with hand selected components and manual trimming. In addition, temperature-regulated devices are guaranteed only up to +85° operation, whereas the U- and S-grade devices in the AD2700 family are guaranteed to +125°C.

Very High Accuracy : 10,000 Volts +-2.5mV(L and U)
10mA Output Current capability
Low Noise
Short Circuit Protected

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