AD590 Datasheet – 2-Wire, Current Output Temperature Transducer

Part Number : AD590

Function : 2-Wire, Current Output Temperature Transducer

Package : TO-52, Metal Can Type

Manufacturers : Intersil

Pinouts :
AD590 datasheet

Description :

The AD590 is an integrated-circuit temperature transducer which produces an output current proportional to absolute temperature. The inherent low cost of a monolithic integrated circuit combined with the elimination of support circuitry makes the AD590 an attractive alternative for many temperature measurement situations. Linearization circuitry, precision voltage amplifiers, resistance measuring circuitry and cold junction compensation are not needed in applying the AD590. In the simplest application, a resistor, a power source and any voltmeter can be used to measure temperature.


1. Linear Current Output : 1uA/oK
2. Wide Temperature Range :  -55’C to 150’C
3. Two-Terminal Device Voltage In/Current Out
4. Wide Power Supply Range : +4V to +30V
5. Sensor Isolation From Case
6. Low Cost

Functional Diagram

Other data sheets within the file : AD590JH, AD590IH

AD590 Datasheet PDF

AD590 pdf