AD8110 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AD8110

Function : 260 MHz, 16 x 8 Buffered Video Crosspoint Switch (Gain=1)

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD8110 datasheet

Description :

The AD8110 and AD8111 are high-speed 16 ×8 video cross point switch matrices. They offer a –3 dB signal bandwidth greater than 260 MHz, and channel switch times of less than 25 ns with 1% settling. With –78 dB of crosstalk and –97 dB isolation (@ 5 MHz), the AD8110/AD8111 are useful in many high-speed applications. The differential gain and differentialphase of better than 0.02% and 0.02°respectively, along with 0.1 dB flatness out to 60 MHz, make the AD8110/AD8111 ideal for video signal switching.

16 8 High-Speed Nonblocking Switch Arrays
AD8110: G = +1
AD8111: G = +2
Serial or Parallel Switch Array Control
Serial Data Out Allows “Daisy Chaining” of Multiple
Crosspoints to Create Larger Switch Arrays
Pin-Compatible with AD8108/AD8109 8 8 Switch Arrays
For a 16 16 Array See AD8116
Complete Solution
Buffered Inputs
Eight Output Amplifiers, AD8110 (G = +1),
AD8111 (G = +2)
Drives 150 V Loads
Excellent Video Performance
60 MHz 0.1 dB Gain Flatness
0.02% Differential Gain Error (RL= 150 V)
0.028 Differential Phase Error (RL= 150 V)
Excellent AC Performance
260 MHz –3 dB Bandwidth
500 V/ms Slew Rate
Low Power of 50 mA
Low All Hostile Crosstalk of –78 dB @ 5 MHz
Output Disable Allows Direct Connection of Multiple
Device Outputs
Reset Pin Allows Disabling of All Outputs (Connected Through a Capacitor to Ground Provides “PowerOn” Reset Capability)
Excellent ESD Rating: Exceeds 4000 V Human Body Model
80-Lead LQFP Package (12 mm 12 mm)

Routing of High-Speed Signals Including:
Composite Video (NTSC, PAL, S, SECAM)
Component Video (YUV, RGB)
Compressed Video (MPEG, Wavelet)
3-Level Digital Video (HDB3)

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