AD8114 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AD8114

Function : Low Cost 225 MHz 16 x 16 Crosspoint Switch, G=+1

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD8114 datasheet

Description :

The AD8114/AD8115 are highspeed 16 × 16 video crosspoint switchmatrices. They offer a−3 dBsignal bandwidth greater than 200 MHz and channel switchtimes ofless than50 ns with 1%settling. With−70 dB of crosstalk and −90 dB isolation(@ 5 MHz), the AD8114/AD8115 are useful in many high speed applications. The differential gainand differential phase ofbetter than 0.05% and 0.05°, respectively, along with0.1 dB flatnessout to 25MHz while driving a 75 Ω back-terminated load, makethe AD8114/AD8115 ideal for all types of signal switching.

16 × 16 high speed nonblocking switch arrays
AD8114; G= 1
AD8115; G= 2
Serial or parallel programming of switch array
Serial data out allows daisy-chaining of multiple
16 × 16 arrays tocreate larger switch arrays
High impedance output disable allows connection of
multiple devices without loading the output bus
For smaller arrays see the AD8108/AD8109(8× 8)or
AD8110/AD8111 (16×8)switch arrays
Complete solution
Buffered inputs
Programmable high impedance outputs
16 output amplifiers, AD8114 (G = 1), AD8115(G = 2)
Drives150Ω loads
Excellent video performance
25 MHz,0.1 dB gain flatness
0.05%/0.05°differential gain/differential phase error
(RL= 150 Ω)
Excellent ac performance
−3 dB bandwidth: 225 MHz
Slew rate: 375 V/µs
Low power of 700 mW (2.75 mWper point)
Low all hostile crosstalk of −70 dB @ 5 MHz
Reset pin allowsdisabling of all outputs (connected through
a capacitor to ground providespower-on reset capability)
100-lead LQFP (14 mm × 14mm)

Routing of high speed signalsincluding
Compressed video (MPEG, wavelet)
3-level digital video (HDB3)

VS= ±5 V, TA= +25°C, RL= 1 kΩ, unless otherwise noted.

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