AD8138 Datasheet – Differential ADC Driver ( PDF )

Part Number : AD8138

Function : Low Distortion Differential ADC Driver

Package : 8-Lead SOIC and MSOP Type

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD8138 datasheet


Description :

The AD8138 is a major advancement over op amps for differential signal processing. The IC can be used as a single-ended-to-differential amplifier or as a differential-to-differential amplifier.

The device eliminates the need for a transformer with high performance ADCs, preserving the low frequency and dc infor-mation. The common-mode level of the differential output is adjustable by a voltage on the VOCM pin, easily level-shifting the input signals for driving single-supply ADCs.

Features :

1. Easy to use, single-ended-to-differential conversion

2. Adjustable output common-mode voltage

3. Externally adjustable gain

4. Fast settling to 0.01% of 16 ns

5. Slew rate 1150 V/μs

6. Fast overdrive recovery of 4 ns

7. Low input voltage noise of 5 nV/√Hz

8. 1 mV typical offset voltage

Applications :

1. ADC drivers
2. Single-ended-to-differential converters
3. IF and baseband gain blocks
4. Differential buffers
5. Line drivers

Other data sheets within the file : AD8138AR, AD8138AR-REEL, AD8138AR-REEL7, AD8138ARM

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