AD823AR Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AD823AR

Function : 36V; 0.9-1.3mW; dual 16MHz, rail-to-rail FET input amplifier

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD823AR datasheet

Description :

Single-supply operation
Output swings rail-to-rail
Input voltage range extends below ground
Single-supply capability from 3 V to 36 V
High load drive
Capacitive load drive of 500 pF, G = +1
Output current of 15 mA, 0.5 V from suppli
Excellent ac performance on 2.6 mA/amplifie
−3 dB bandwidth of 16 MHz, G = +1
350 ns settling time to 0.01% (2 V step)
Slew rate of 22 V/µs
Good dc performance
800 µV maximum input offset voltage
2 µV/°C offset voltage drift

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