AD8313 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AD8313

Function : 0.1 GHz-2.5 GHz/ 70 dB Logarithmic Detector/Controller

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD8313 datasheet

Description :

The AD8313 is a complete multistage demodulating logarithmic amplifier thatcan accurately convert an RF signalat its differentialinputto anequivalent decibel-scaled value atitsdc output. The AD8313 maintainsa high degree oflog conformance for signal frequencies from0.1 GHz to2.5 GHz and is usefulover the range of10 MHz to3.5 GHz.The nominal input dynamic range is –65 dBm to0 dBm (re:50 Ω),and the sensitivity can be increased by6 dBormore with a narrow-band input impedance matching network ora balun. Application is straightforward, requiring onlya single supplyof2.7 V to 5.5 V and the addition ofa suitable input and supply decoupling.Operating on a 3 V supply,its 13.7 mA consumption (forTA= 25°C) is only 41 mW.A power-down feature is provided;the input is taken highto initiate a low current (20 µA) sleep mode, with a threshold at
halfthesupply voltage.

Wide bandwidth: 0.1 GHz to2.5 GHz min
High dynamic range: 70 dB to±3.0 dB
High accuracy: ±1.0 dB over 65dB range (@ 1.9 GHz)
Fast response: 40 ns full-scale typical
Controller mode with error output
Scaling stable over supply and temperature
Wide supply range: 2.7 V to5.5 V
Low power: 40 mW at3 V
Power-down feature: 60mW at 3 V
Complete andeasy to use

RF transmitter power amplifier setpointcontrol and
level monitoring
Logarithmic amplifier for RSSI measurement cellular
base stations, radio link, radar

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