AD8476 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AD8476

Function : Low Power, Unity Gain, Fully Differential Amplifier and ADC Driver

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

AD8476 datasheet

Description :

The AD8476 is a very low power, fully differential precision amplifier with integrated gain resistors for unity gain. It is an ideal choice for driving low power, high performance ADCs as a single-ended-to-differential or differential-to-differential amplifier. It provides a precision gain of 1, common-mode level shifting, low temperature drift, and rail-to-rail outputs for maximum dynamic range.

Very low power
330 μA supply current
Extremely low harmonic distortion
−126 HD2 at 10 kHz
−128 HD3 at 10 kHz
Fully differential or single-ended inputs/outputs
Differential output designed to drive precision ADCs
Drives switched capacitor and Σ-Δ ADCs
Rail-to-rail outputs
VOCM pin adjusts output common mode
Robust overvoltage up to18 V beyond supplies
High performance
Suitable for driving 16-bit converter up to 250 kSPS
39 nV/√Hz output noise
1 ppm/°C gain drift maximum
200 μV maximum output offset
10 V/μs slew rate
6 MHz bandwidth
Single supply: 3 V to 18 V
Dual supplies: ±1.5 V to ±9 V

ADC driver
Differential instrumentation amplifier building block
Single-ended-to-differential converter
Battery-powered instruments

VS = +5 to ±5 V, VOCM = midsupply, VOUT = V+OUT− V−OUT, RL = 2 kΩ differential, referred to output (RTO), TA = 25°C, unless otherwise noted.

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