AD9761 Datasheet – Dual, 10-bit CMOS DAC, SSOP 28 ( PDF )

Part Number: AD9761

Function: Dual 10-bit TxDAC+ with 2X interpolation filter

Package: SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD9761 datasheet



The AD9761 is a complete dual-channel, high speed, 10-bit CMOS DAC. The AD9761 has been developed specifically for use in wide bandwidth communication applications (e.g., spread spectrum) where digital I and Q information is being processed during transmit operations. It integrates two 10-bit, 40 MSPS DACs, dual 2interpolation filters, a voltage reference, and digi
tal input interface circuitry. The device supports a 20 MSPS per channel input data rate that is then interpolated by 2up to 40 MSPS before simultaneously updating each DAC.

The interleaved I and Q input data stream is presented to the digital interface circuitry, which consists of I and Q latches as well as some additional control logic. The data is de-interleaved back into its original I and Q data. An on-chip state machine ensures the proper pairing of I and Q data. The data output from each latch is then processed by a 2digital interpolation filter that eases the reconstruction filter requirements. The interpolated output of each filter serves as the input of their respective 10-bit DAC.


1. Complete 10-Bit, 40 MSPS Dual Transmit DAC

2. Excellent Gain and Offset Matching

3. Differential Nonlinearity Error: 0.5 LSB

4. Effective Number of Bits: 9.5

5. Signal-to-Noise and Distortion Ratio: 59 dB

6. Spurious-Free Dynamic Range: 71 dB

7. Low Power Dissipation: 93 mW (3 V Supply @ 40 MSPS)

Other data sheets are available within the file: AD9761EB, AD9761ARS, AD9761ARSRL

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