AD9773 Datasheet – Dual TxDAC D/A Converter ( PDF )

Part Number: AD9773

Function: 0.3-25V; 12-bit, 160MSPS 2x/4x/8x interpolating dual TxDAC+ D/A converter

Package: 80-Lead Thin Quad Flat Package, Exposed Pad Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD9773 datasheet



The AD9773 is the 12-bit member of the AD977x pin compatible, high performance, programmable 2×/4×/8× interpolating TxDAC+® family. The AD977x family features a serial port interface (SPI) that provides a high level of programmability, thus allowing for enhanced system-level options. These options include selectable 2×/4×/8× interpolation filters; fS/2, fS/4, or fS/8 digital quadrature modulation with image rejection; a direct IF mode; programmable channel gain and offset control; programmable internal clock divider; straight binary or twos complement data interface; and a single port or dual-port data interface.

The selectable 2×/4×/8× interpolation filters simplify the requirements of the reconstruction filters while simultaneously enhancing the TxDAC+ family’s pass-band noise/distortion performance. The independent channel gain and offset adjust registers allow the user to calibrate LO feedthrough and side band suppression errors associated with analog quadrature modulators. The 6 dB of gain adjustment range can also be used to control the output power level of each DAC.


1. 12-bit resolution, 160 MSPS/400 MSPS input/output data rate
2. Selectable 2×/4×/8× interpolating filter
3. Programmable channel gain and offset adjustment
4. fS/2, fS/4, fS/8 digital quadrature modulation capabilit
5. Direct IF transmission mode for 70 MHz + IFs
6. Enables image rejection architecture
7. Fully compatible SPI port
8. Excellent ac performance
(1) SFDR −69 dBc @ 2 MHz to 35 MHz
(2) WCDMA ACPR −69 dB @ IF = 19.2 MHz
9. Internal PLL clock multiplier
10. Selectable internal clock divider
11. Versatile clock input
12. Differential/single-ended sine wave or
13. TTL/CMOS/LVPECL compatible
14. Versatile input data interface
15. Twos complement/straight binary data coding
16 .Dual-port or single-port interleaved input data


1. Communications
2. Analog quadrature modulation architecture
3. 3G, multicarrier GSM, TDMA, CDMA systems
4. Broadband wireless, point-to-point microwave radios
5. Instrumentation/ATE

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