ADAM27P16 PDF – 4-BIT, Single Chip Microcomputer

Part Number: ADAM27P16

Function: 4-BIT, Single Chip Microcomputer

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ABOV


ADAM27P16 pinout datasheet


The ADAM27P16 is remote control transmitter which uses CMOS technology. The ADAM27PXX is suitable for remote control of TV, VCR, FANS, Air-conditioners, Audio Equipments, Toys, Games etc. The ADAM27PXX is MTP version.

A remote control transmitter, often referred to simply as a remote control or remote, is a device used to wirelessly transmit signals to control and operate another device from a distance. Remote control transmitters are commonly used in various applications and industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, industrial automation, and more.



1. Program memory
(1) 2,048 bytes (2,048 x 8bit)
(2) MTP(Multi Time Programming) : 1K * 2, 2K * 1

2. Data memory (RAM)
(1) 32 nibble (32 x 4bit)

3. 3 levels of subroutine nesting

4. 8-bit Table Read Instruction

5. Oscillator Type (Operating frequency)
(1)  Internal RC Oscillator (typically 3.64MHz)

6. Built in Low Voltage reset circuit

7. Built in a watch dog timer (WDT)

ADAM27P16 pdf microcomputer

ADAM27P16 PDF Datasheet