ADG774ABRQ Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ADG774ABRQ

Function : 0.3-6V; 556mW; low voltage 400MHz quad 21 mux with 3ns switching time

Manufacturers : Analog Devices

Pinouts :

ADG774ABRQ datasheet

Description :

The ADG774A is a monolithic CMOS device comprising four 2:1 multiplexer/demultiplexers with high impedance outputs. The CMOS process provides low power dissipation yet offers high switching speed and low on resistance. The on resistance variation is typically less than 0.5 Ω over the input signal range.The bandwidth of the ADG774A is typically 400 MHz and this, coupled with low distortion (typically 0.3%), makes the part suitable for switching of high speed data signals.
The on resistance profile is very flat over the full analog input range ensuring excellent linearity and low distortion. CMOS construction ensures ultralow power dissipation. The ADG774A operates from a single 3.3 V/5 V supply and is TTL logic-compatible. The control logic for each switch is
shown in the truth table (see Table 5).

Bandwidth: >400 MHz
Low insertion loss and on resistance: 2.2 Ω typical
On resistance flatness: 0.3 Ω typical
Single 3 V/5 V supply operation
Very low distortion: <0.3%
Low quiescent supply current: 1 nA typical
Fast switching times
tON= 6 ns
tOFF= 3 ns
Pb-free packages
16-lead QSSOP
16-lead 3 mm × 3 mm body LFCSP

VDD= 5 V ± 10%, GND = 0 V, all specifications TMINto TMAX, unless otherwise noted.

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