AH286 Datasheet PDF – Fan Motor Controller

Part Number : AH286


Package : SIP-5L Type, SOT89-5L Type

Manufacturers : Diodes Incorporated.

Pinouts :

AH286 datasheet


Description :

The AH286 is a single-chip solution for driving two-coilbrushless direct current (BLDC) fans and motors. The device includes a Hall-effect sensor, dynamic offset correction and two complementary open-drain output drivers with internal Zener diode protection.

To help protect the motor coils, the AH286 provides Rotor Lock Protection which shuts down output drives if rotor lock is detected. The device automatically re-starts when the rotor lock is removed. A Rotor-lock Detect (RD) output flag allows external monitoring of any motor locks.

Features :

1. Single-chip solution

2. Operating Voltage: 3.8V to 20V

3. Built-in Hall sensor and input amplifier

4. Rotor-lock Detect (RD) flag

5. Rotor Lock Protection (Lock detection, output shutdown and automatic re-start)

6. Built-in Zener protection for output driver

7. Average output current up to 500mA

8. Green Molding Compound


1. Two-coil BLDC cooling fans

2. Low to medium voltage, low power BLDC motors

AH286 Datasheet PDF Download

AH286 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : AH286-YG-13