AH3503 Datasheet – Hall-Effect Sensor

This is one of the Hall Sensor types.

Part Number : AH3503

Function : Linear Hall-Effect Sensor

Package : 3 Pin Type

Manufactures : Nanjing AH Electronics

Images :

AH3503 hall sensor

Description :

Integrated circuit includes a voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, linear amplifier and emitter-follower out stage. The output of the Ics change linearity with the magnetic flux density of the input.


AH3503 pinout datasheet


1. Extremely Sensitive
2. Flat response to 23kHz
3. Low-Noise Output
4. 4.5V to 6V Operation
5. Magnetically Optimized Package


1. Motion detector
2. Gear tooth sensors
3. Proximity detector
4. Velocity detecting of motor bicycle
5. Current detecting sensor

AH3503 Datasheet