ALC3261 PDF – 4 Channel, AUDIO CODEC ( Datasheet )

Part Number: ALC3261


Package: 48-Pin QFN Type

Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor

Image and pinouts :

ALC3261 pdf pinout


The ALC3261 is a low power, dual I2S interface, 4 channels DAC and 2 channel ADC Audio Codec with a optimized Voice DSP integrated. The primary I2S interface connects to system host chip and its secondary I2S interface can perform as input or output device connected to external processor, blue tooth device or wireless transceiver.

The device  is a highly integration of audio subsystem chip, including two stereo DACs with 100dB SNR, one stereo ADC with 94dB SNR, stereo Class-D speaker amplifiers provides 1.5W per channel into 8Ω or 2.5W per channel into 4Ω with a 5V supply with excellent PSRR and low EMI, a mono differential earpiece amplifier is also provided, providing output from any DAC or Analog-in. [ … ]


1. Two Stereo Digital-to-Analog Converters with 100dBA SNR

2. One Stereo Analog-to-Digital Converter with 94dBA SNR

3. Stereo/Mono BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load) Class-D amplifier

4. Mono differential receiver amplifier

5. Two digital microphone interfaces supported

6. Asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) for each interface

7. Programmable register table with two sequencers

8. 7-bands parametric equalizer (EQ) for DAC path or ADC path

ALC3261 Datasheet