ALC5642 Datasheet PDF – Audio Hub, Codec Chip – Realtek

Part Number: ALC5642, ALC5642R, ALC5642-VF

Function: Multi-Channel Audio Hub / CODEC

Package: QFN 48 Pin type.

Manufacturer: Realtek Semiconductor

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The ALC5642 is a high performance, low power, dual I2S interface audio CODEC with embedded low power Voice DSP. Dual I2S interface can connect to different devices and let the ALC5642 to be an Audio Hub. Each device can pass through the Audio Hub and then perform as input or output application.

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) provides independent and asynchronous connections to different processors, such as an application processor, baseband processor or wireless transceiver(BT).

The Realtek device is the first audio single chip to integrate a Hi-Fi audio codec, high-efficiency/low-power amplifiers, and voice/sound DSP, as well as Realtek trademarked SounzReal™ sound effect technology. The high-integration and low-power architecture of the ALC5642 is designed for mobile product applications such as tablet and smartphone. Products featuring the ALC5642 will provide a high-quality voice communication experience, and excellent acoustic-fidelity and immersive audio when listening to music or watching movies etc.

SounzReal™ sound effect technology includes BassBack (virtual bass), OmniSound (virtual surround), and TruTreble/Bass (Treble/Bass enhancement). The high performance Voice DSP provides wide-band level voice processing capabilities and very high voice communication quality. Built-in noise suppression, echo cancellation, and duplex capabilities all feature class-leading technologies. The voice DSP builds-in a proprietary long-range, low-noise recording technology enabling a smartphone or tablet to function as a voice recorder and camcorder.

“Our ALC5642 was designed specifically to offer a top quality audio experience on today’s ubiquitous mobile devices”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Jessy Chen. “To further enhance mobility, Realtek proprietary audio codec and amplifier architecture provide lower power consumption to enable longer playback time in battery powered devices”.


1. Two 24bit/8kHz ~ 192kHz I2S/PCM interface for stereo ADC

2. I2C control interface

3. Two digital microphone interface support

4. Asynchronous sample rate converter (ASRC) for each interface

5. Programmable register table with two sequencers

6. 7-bands flexible equalizer (EQ) for DAC path or ADC path

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