APL5308-15A/B Datasheet PDF

Part Number : APL5308-15A/B

Function : 4.5 V, low IQ, low dropout 300 mA fixed voltage regulator

Manufacturers : Anpec Electronics

Pinouts :

APL5308-15A/B datasheet

Description :

The APL5308/9 series are micropower, low dropout lin ear regulators, which operate from 2.7V to 6V input voltage and  del i ver up to  300mA. Typical  dropout  voltage is  only  400mV  at  300mA  l oadi ng. Desi gned  for   use  in battery-powered  system,  the low  60mA  qui escent current makes it an ideal choice. Design with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor, the  APL5308/9 maintain a low supply current, independent  of  the  load  current  and dropout  voltage.  Other  features  include  thermal-shutdown   p rotection  current   limit   protection to   ensure specified  output current and controlled  short-circuit current . The APL5308/ 9  regulators  come  in  a  miniature SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, and SOT-89 packages.

• Low  Quiescent Current : 60mA (No load)
• Low  Dropout V oltage : 400mV (@300mA)
• Fixed  Output  V oltage  :  1.5V ~ 4.5V by Step 0.1V Increment
• Stable  with  Aluminum, T antalum, or  Ceramic Capacitors
• No  Protection  Diodes  Needed
• Built-in  Thermal  Protection
• Built-in  Current-Limit  Protection
• Controlled  Short  Circuit  Current  :  50mA
• Fast Transient Response
• Short Setting Time
• SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, and SOT-89 Packages
• Lead Free and Green Devices Available(RoHS Compliant)
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APL5308-15A/B pdf

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