APL5521 Datasheet – Dual-channel, Linear Regulator

Part Number : APL5521

Function : Dual-channel, 3.3 V/500 mA and 2.5 V/300mA linear regulator

Package : SOP-8 Type

Manufacturers : Anpec Electronics

Pinouts :

APL5521 datasheet


Description :

The APL5521 is a dual low dropout regulator with output 1 with 3.3V/0.5A and output2 with 2.5V/0.3A output capability. In order to obtain lower drop-out voltage and faster transient response, which is critical for low voltage applications, the APL5221 has been optimized. The dropout voltages are guaran teed at 1.25V at 0.5A for output1 and 1.2V at 0.3A for output 2. Current limit is trimmed to ensure specified output current and controlled short-circuit current. On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload that would create excessive junction temperatures.



• Fixed Output Voltage : VOUT1=3.3V/500mA , VOUT2=2.5V/300mA
• Low Dropout Voltage (defined as the minimum input/output voltage difference) :
Output 1 Dropout Voltage : 1.25V (at 500mA)
Output 2 Dropout Voltage : 1.2V (at 300mA)
• Stable with 10uF Output Capacitor(at VOUT1)
• No Protection Diodes Needed
• Built in Thermal Protection
• Built in Current Limit Protection
• Fast transient Response
• Short Setting Time


Other data sheets within the file : APL-5521


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