APL5607 Datasheet – 600mA, Linear Regulator ( PDF )

This post explains for the regulator.

The Part Number is APL5607.

The function of this semiconductor is 600mA Linear Regulator for DC Fan Speed Control.

Manufacturer: ANPEC

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The APL5607, APL5607A is a low quiescent current and low dropout linear regulator which is designed to power a DC fan and deliver up to 600mA output current. The output voltage follows the 1.6 times of VSET voltage and typical dropout voltage is only 220mV (typical) at 600mA output current. [ … ]

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· Low Dropout Voltage: 220mV (Typical) @ 600mA
· Low Quiescent Current: 140mA
· Enable/ShutdownFunction
· Output Voltage / VSET Voltage: 1.6 Times
· Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors
· Over-Temperature Protection
· Current-Limit Protection with Foldback Current


· Notebook Fan Driver
· Motherboards
· PC Peripherals
· Battery-Powered System


APL5607 Datasheet