AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC Datasheet – Solid State Relay ( PDF )

Part Number: AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC

Function: Solid State Relay

Package: SIP 4 Pin

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC datasheet



This is SIL type SSR with 9mm thickness controls up to 3A.


1. Slim with 9 mm .354 inchthickness
The thin type (45 mm long ×24 mm high ×9 mm wide) (1.772×.945×.354 inch) permits high density mounting.

2. Excellent in noise resistance
Since the input and output are insulated by the phototriac coupler, the noise on
the output side is not fed back to the input side.

3. Snubber circuit integrated
The snubber circuit is integrated to prevent malfunction caused by the rapid rise of the voltage on the output side, such as inductive load and noise

Other data sheets are available within the file: AQ2A1-C1-T12VDC, AQ2A1-C1-T24VDC, AQ2A1-C1-T5VDC

AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC Datasheet PDF Download

AQ2A2-C2-T5VDC pdf