AR0141CS PDF – 1/4-Inch Digital Image Sensor ( Datasheet )

Part Number: AR0141CS

Function: 1/4-Inch Digital Image Sensor

Package: 9x9mm 63-ball iBGA Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


AR0141CS pdf datasheet


The ON Semiconductor AR0141CS can be operated in its default mode or programmed
for frame size, exposure, gain, and other parameters. The default mode output is a 720presolution image at 60 frames per second (fps). In linear mode, it outputs 12-bit raw
data, using either the parallel or serial (HiSPi) output ports. The device may be operated
in video (master) mode or in single frame trigger mode.



• Superior low-light performance
• Latest 3.0 μm pixel with ON Semiconductor DR-Pix technology
• Linear range capture
• 1.0 Mp and 720p (16:9) images
• Support for external mechanical shutter
• Support for external LED or xenon flash
• On-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) oscillator
• Integrated position-based color and lens shading correction
• Slave mode for precise frame-rate control
• Stereo/3D camera support
• Statistics engine
• Auto black level calibration
• High-speed context switching
• Temperature sensor


• Video surveillance
• Scanning
• Industrial
• Stereo vision
• 720p60 video applications

AR0141CS Datasheet