AR8031 PDF – 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Transceiver

What is  AR8031?

This is a single-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet PHY transceiver, designed for use in various networking devices such as switches, routers, and network interface cards.

The function of this semiconductor is Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Transceiver.

The package is 6mm x 6mm, 48-pin QFN.

Manufacturer: Atheros Communications


AR8031 pdf transceiver


The AR8031 provides a low power, low BOM (Bill of Materials) cost solution for comprehensive applications including enterprise, carrier and home networks such as CPE, home gateway, enterprise switch, carrier switch/router, mobile base station and base station controller, optical module and media converter, industry automation and measurement.

The AR8031 integrates Atheros Green ETHOS power saving technologies and significantly saves power not only during the work time, but also overtime. Atheros Green ETHOS power savings include ultra-low power in cable unplugged mode or port power down mode, and automatic optimized power saving based on cable length. […]

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1. Supports 1000 BASE-T PCS and auto-negotiation with next page support

2. Supports RGMII and/or SGMII interfaces to MAC devices

3. Supports Fiber and Copper combo mode when MAC interface works in RGMII mode

4. Supports additional IEEE 1000 BASE-X and 100 BASE-FX with Integrated SerDes

5.  RGMII timing modes support internal delayand external delay on Rx path



1. High-speed data transfer rates up to 1 Gbps

2. Low power consumption and power-saving features

3. Built-in diagnostics help with troubleshooting and maintenance

4. Supports various networking standards for compatibility with different devices

5. ESD protection ensures reliable operation in harsh environments


AR8031 PDF Datasheet