AS5C4009LL Datasheet PDF

Part Number : AS5C4009LL

Function : 512K x 8 SRAM – ultra low power

Manufacturers : Austin Semiconductor

Pinouts :

AS5C4009LL datasheet

Description :

The AS5C4009LL is organized as 524,288 x 8 SRAM utilizing a special ultra low power design process. ASI’s pinout adheres to the JEDEC standard for pinout on 4 megabit SRAMs. The evolutionary 32
pin version allows for easy upgrades from the 1 meg SRAM design.

For flexibility in memory applications, ASI offers chip enable (CE) and output enable (OE) capabilities. These features can place the outputs in High-Z for additional flexibility in system design.

This devices operates from a single +5V power supply and all inputs and outputs are fully TTL-compatible.

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AS5C4009LL pdf

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