ASM1083 Datasheet PDF – PCIe to PCI Bridge Controller

Part Number: ASM1083

This function is High Speed I/O, PCIe to PCI Bridge Controller.

Package: QFP 128L Type

Manufacturer: Asmedia ( )


ASM1083 Datasheet


This is I/O chipset.

Engaged in High Speed I/O solution development, Asmedia Technology is committed to enlarging product portfolio with introducing PCI Express Bridge Products. The ASM1083, x1 PCI Express to 32-bit PCI Bridge, enables users to connect legacy parallel bus devices to the advanced serial PCI Express interface. The ASM1083 is a PCI Express-to-PCI forward bridge, fully compliant with PCI-SIG PCI Express-to-PCI Bridge Specification1.0.


General Feature

1. I2C Serial EEPROM support
2. Extensive PME support
3. 3.3/1.2V power supply
4. Legacy mode support
5. Industry Specifications Compliance:
(1) PCI Express Base Specification Rev. 1.0a/ 1.1
(2) PCI Bus Power Management Interface Rev.2.0
(3) PCI Express Card Electromechanical Rev.2.0
(4) PCI Specification Rev.3.0
(5) PCIE to PCI/PCIX Bridge Specification Rev.1.0
(6) 14mmx14mm 128-pin LQFP package
(7)Green package with RoHs compliance

PCI Express Features

1. x1 PCI Express lane, at 2.5GHz signaling
2. Single virtual channel
3. SSC support
4. ECRC and Advanced Error Reporting capability
5. 100-MHz differential PCI Express reference clock in
6. Maximum Payload Size up to 128 bytes
7. No PCIe ASPM support

PCI Features

1. Support PCI bus 33 MHz
2. Support 3 PCI masters
3. CLKRUN support
4. PME support
5. 5V tolerance


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ASM1083 pdf

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