ATECC108 Datasheet PDF – Atmel CryptoAuthentication

Part Number: ATECC108

Function: Atmel CryptoAuthentication

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation


ATECC108 datasheet



The ATECC108 includes an EEPROM array that can be used for storage of up to 16 keys, miscellaneous read/write, read-only or secret data, consumption logging, and security configuration. Access to the various sections of memory can be restricted in a variety of ways and then the configuration locked to prevent changes.

ATECC108 features a wide array of defensive mechanisms specifically designed to prevent physical attacks on the device itself or logical attacks on the data transmitted between the device and the system. Hardware restrictions on the ways in which keys are used or generated provide further defense against certain styles of attack.



1. Secure authentication and product validation device

2. High-Speed Public Key Algorithm (PKI) Crypto Engine
– FIPS186-3 Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)

3. NIST Standard P256, B283, and K283 Elliptic Curve support

4. Superior SHA-256 Hash Algorithm; HMAC option

5. Integrated capability for both Host and Client operations

6. Best in class 256/283-bit key length, storage for up to 16 keys

7. Guaranteed unique 72-bit serial number

8. Internal high-quality FIPS Random Number Generator (RNG)

9. 8.5Kb EEPROM memory for keys, certificates, and data

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