ATS22D75Q PDF – Soft Starter for Asynchronous Motor

Part Number: ATS22D75Q

Function: Soft Starter for Asynchronous Motor

Package: Module Type

Manufacturer: Schneider Electric


ATS22D75Q pdf


ATS22D75Q is Soft Starter for Asynchronous Motor.

A soft starter is an electronic device used to control the starting and stopping of electric motors smoothly. It gradually ramps up the voltage and current to the motor during startup, which reduces the mechanical stress and torque shock on the motor and connected equipment. Soft starters are commonly used in various industrial applications to protect motors and extend their lifespan while providing a controlled and efficient startup process.

Product data sheet Characteristics Complementary Assembly style Function available Power supply voltage limits Power supply frequency Network frequency Device connection Control circuit voltage Control circuit consumption Discrete output number Discrete output type Minimum switching current Maximum switching current Discrete input number Discrete input type Discrete input voltage Discrete input logic Output current PTC probe input Communication port protocol Connector type Communication data link Physical interface Mar 9, 2013 ATS22D75Q soft starter-ATS22-control 220V-power 230V(18.5kW)/400…440V(37kW) Main Range of product Product or component type Product destination Product specific application Component name Network number of phases Power supply voltage Motor power kW Factory setting current Power dissipation in W Utilisation category Type of start Icl nominal current IP degree of protection Altistart 22 Soft starter Asynchronous motors Severe and standard applications ATS22 3 […]

ATS22D75Q datasheet manual


1. Provide smooth starting, avoiding mechanical stresses and extending their service life

2. Reduce hearing discomfort for operators on the workfloor

3. Slim form factor improves versatility

4. Less cost to stock spares

5. Overcome difficult or high-torque starts

6. Environmental performance of the product

ATS22D75Q PDF Datasheet