AU6989 PDF – Flash Disk Controller – Alcor Micro

6Part Number: AU6989, AU6998

Function: Flash Disk Controller

Package: 48-pin LQFP and TQFP Type

Manufacturer: Alcor Micro

Images:AU6989 Controller - Alcor Micro


The AU6989 USB 2.0 Flash Disk Controller is the best high performance solutions for SLC (Single- Level Cell), MLC (Multi-Level Cell) NAND and AG-AND with multiple dies data flash. Its high-speed read (30MB/Sec) and write access performance enable users to transfer and backup data effectively. Besides, AU6989 is certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum), WHQL (Window Hardware Quality Labs) and EMI tests to guarantee the quality and reliability for end-users.

With multiple functions integrated into one chip and external components built inside, AU6989 is pledged to deliver the best performance benchmark and to further reduce the BOM cost of end products adopting this solution. It provides dual channel access and ISP (In-System Programming) technologies, which are the most important features to allow manufacturers building high performance UFD easily and to have the flexibility of adopting different source of flash chips.


1. Integrate build-in regulator

2. Supports SLC , MLC and TLC dual channel with high performance

3. Supports firmware upgrade mechanism(ISP, In-System Programming)

4. Integrates hardware DMA engine to tune up the operation performance

5. Integrates multi-bit ECC correction mechanism

6. Concurrent bus operation using multiple FIFO for better performance

7. Integrates into flash memory power control switch

8. Supports bad block management

9. Supports dynamic serial number modification via mass production software

10. Supports software write protection


AU6989 pdf datasheet

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1. Alcor AU6989SN-GT – []

AU6989 PDF Datasheet

AU6989 pdf