AH31-PCB75 Datasheet – High Dynamic Range IF Amplifier

Part Number : AH31-PCB75

Function : High Dynamic Range IF Amplifier

Package : SOT-89 Type

Manufacturers : TriQuint Semiconductor

Pinouts :

AH31-PCB75 datasheet


Description :

The AH31 is a high dynamic range amplifier in a lowcost surface-mount package. The combination of low noise figure, high gain, and high output IP3 is ideal as an IF amplifier for receiver and transmitter applications.


1. 50 – 1000 MHz
2. 19 dB Gain
3. +22 dBm P1dB
4. +42 dBm OIP3
5. 1.8 dB Noise Figure


1. High linearity and low-noise amplifier following a mixer
2. High performance amplifier in IF path of TX/RX systems

Absolute Maximum Rating

1. Operating Case Temperature : -40 to +85 °C
2. Storage Temperature : -55 to +150 °C
3. DC Voltage : +6 V
4. RF Input Power (continuous) : 4 dB above Input P1dB
5. Junction Temperature : +220° C

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AH31-PCB75 Datasheet PDF Download

AH31-PCB75 pdf


MB90439 Datasheet PDF – 16-bit Microcontroller – Fujitsu

Part Number : MB90439

Function : 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller

Package : 100 Pin QFP, LQFP

Manufacturers : Fujitsu

Image :

MB90439 datasheet


Description :

The MB90435 series with FLASH ROM is specially designed for industrial applications. The instruction set by F2MC-16LX CPU core inherits an AT architecture of the F2MC- family with additional instruction sets for high-level languages, extended addressing mode, enhanced multiplication/division instructions,
and enhanced bit manipulation instructions.The micro controller has a 32-bit accumulator for processing long word data.


MB90439 pinout


1. Program patch function (for two address pointers)
2. Enhanced execution speed : 4-byte Instruction queue
3. Enhanced interrupt function : 8 levels, 34 factors
4. Automatic data transmission function independent of CPU operation


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MB90439 Datasheet PDF Download

MB90439 pdf