AXP288C Datasheet – Highly integrated PMIC (IC Chip)

The Part Number is AXP288C.

The Function is Highly integrated PMIC customized for Intel SoC.

The package is  9mm x 9mm 76-pin QFN type

Manufacturers : X-Powers

Images :

AXP288C pmic ic chip


AXP288C is a highly integrated PMIC targeting at 1- cell Li-battery (Li-ion or Li-polymer) applications,customized for Intel Cherry Trail-T3 SoC. It provides an easy and flexible battery management solution for large current charge and system power supply.

AXP288C comes with a 5v input Charger that supports up to 2.8A charge current. To ensure the security and stability of the power system, AXP288 provides multiple channels 12-bit ADC for voltage/current/temperature monitor and integrates protection circuits such as OVP, UVP, OTP, and OCP. Moreover, AXP288 features a unique EGauge (Fuel Gauge) system, making power gauge
easy and exact.


1. 3.5V~7V Input Operating Range and Support 1-Cell Battery
2. 40uA Off-State Battery Discharge Current
3. IPS (Intelligent Power Select) with external PMOS for battery path
4. Support TWSI (Two Wire Serial Interface)


AXP288C Pinout

AXP288C pinout



1. Tablet PC, DVR, Desktop, Dongle
2. UMPC-like, Student Computer


AXP288C Datasheet