B0505S-1W Datasheet PDF – 5V-5V, 1W, Power Supply Module

Part Number: B0505S-1W

Function: 1W, 5V-5V Power Supply Module

Package: DIP, SIP Type

Manufacturer: MORNSUN ( Mornsun Power Supply  )


B0505S-1W datasheet mornsun



This is 1W, Single Output 5V in, 5V out at 200mA Max, Isolated voltage output.


1. Efficiency up to 80%
2. Miniature SIP/DIP Package
3. 1KVDC Isolation
4. Operating Temperature Range : -40°C ~ +85°C
5. Low Temperature Rise
6. No External Component Required
7. PCB Mounting
8. Industry Standard Pinout


B0505S-1W pinout


The B_S-1W & B_D-1W Series are designed for application where isolated output is required from a distributed power system.

These products apply to where:

1) Input voltage variation ≤ ±10%;
2) 1KVDC input and output isolation;
3) Regulated and low ripple noise is not required.

Such as : digital circuits, low frequency analog circuits, and IGBT power device driving circuits.


Other data sheets are available within the file: B0303S-1W, B1203S-1W, B2405S-1W,

B0505SD-1W, B0505S1W

B0505S-1W Datasheet

B0505S-1W pdf


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