B140XW01-V8 Datasheet – 14 inch TFT LCD

Part Number : B140XW01-V8

Function : 14.0”(13.97”) HD 16:9 Color TFT-LCD with LED Backlight design

Package : Module type

Manufactures : AUO ( AU Optronics )


B140XW01-V8 datasheet lcd


B140XW01-V8 is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit, and LED backlight system. The screen format is intended to support the 16:9 HD, 1366(H) x768(V) screen and 262k colors (RGB 6-bits data driver) with LED backlight driving circuit. All input signals are LVDS interface compatible. B140XW01 V8 is designed for a display unit of notebook style personal computer and industrial machine.


1 NC No Connection (Reserve)
2 VDD Power Supply +3.3V
3 VDD Power Supply +3.3V
4 VEDID EDID +3.3V Power
5 NC No Connect (Reserve)
6 CLK_EDID EDID Clock Input
7 DAT_EDID EDID Data Input
8 RxOIN0- -LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd R0-R5,G0)
9 RxOIN0+ +LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd R0-R5,G0)
10 VSS Ground
11 RxOIN1- -LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd G1-G5,B0-B1)
12 RxOIN1+ +LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd G1-G5,B0-B1)
13 VSS Ground
14 RxOIN2- -LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd B2-B5,HS,VS,DE)
15 RxOIN2+ +LVDS Differential Data INPUT(Odd B2-B5,HS,VS,DE)
16 VSS Ground
17 RxOCKIN- -LVDS Odd Differential Clock INPUT
18 RxOCKIN+ -LVDS Odd Differential Clock INPUT
19 VSS Ground
20 NC No connection
21 NC No connection
22 VSS Ground
23 NC No connection
24 NC No connection
25 VSS Ground
26 NC No connection
27 NC No connection
28 VSS Ground
29 NC No connection
30 NC No connection
31 VLED_GND LED Ground
32 VLED_GND LED Ground
33 VLED_GND LED Ground
34 NC No Connection (Reserve)
35 S_PWMIN System PWM signal Input
36 BL_ON LED enable pin(+3V input, +5V tolerance)
37 DBC_EN Dynamic B/L Control enable(High enable)
38 VLED LED Power Supply 6V – 21V
39 VLED LED Power Supply 6V – 21V
40 VLED LED Power Supply 6V – 21V


General Specification

Screen Diagonal [mm] 354.95
Active Area [mm] 309.4 X173.95
Pixels H x V 1366×3(RGB) x 768
Pixel Pitch [mm] 0.2265X0.2265
Pixel Format R.G.B. Vertical Stripe
Display Mode Normally White
Contrast Ratio 500 typ
Weight [Grams] 350 max.
Surface Treatment Glare, Hardness 3H,
Support Color 262K colors ( RGB 6-bit )


B140XW01-V8 Datasheet