B1565 Datasheet PDF – 2SB1565, 60V, 3A, PNP Transistor – Rohm

Part Number: B1565, 2SB1565

Function: -60V, -3A, PNP Transistor

Package: TO-220FN Type

Manufacturer: Rohm


B1565 transistor


This is -60V, -3A, PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor.


1. Low VCE(sat)

2. Excellent electrical characteristics of DC current Gain hFE.

3. Wide SOA.

4. PNP : 2SB1565, NPN : 2SD2394


B1565 datasheet pdf



Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C)

1. Collector-base voltage : Vcbo = -60V

2. Collector-emitter voltage : Vceo = -60 V

3. Emitter-base voltage : Vebo = -7V

4. Collector current : DC Ic = -3A




1. Low frequency power amplifier

2. Stereo phonic output

3. Stabilization of power supply


B1565 Datasheet


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