B20100G Datasheet – Switch-mode Schottky Power Rectifier

Part Number: B20100G, MBRF20100CTG

Function: Switch-mode Schottky Power Regulator

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: Motorola, On semiconductor ( https://www.onsemi.com )

B20100G Schottky Power Rectifier


The Switch−mode Power Rectifier employs the Schottky Barrier principle in a large area metal−to−silicon power diode. State−of−the−art geometry features epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlay contact.


B20100G pinout datasheet


1. Highly Stable Oxide Passivated Junction
2. Very Low Forward Voltage Drop
3. Matched Dual Die Construction
4. High Junction Temperature Capability
5. High dv/dt Capability


B20100G Datasheet

B20100G pdf

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