B3F-6050 Datasheet PDF – Tactile Switch – Omron

Part Number: B3F-6050

Function: Tactile Swich

Manufacturer: Omron Electronics


B3F-6050 image


This is Tactile Switch, Mechanical Keyswitch.

Through-hole-mounting Switches in a Wide Range of Models :
6 ×6 mm, 12×12 mm, Side-operated Models, Gold-plated Contacts, and Radial Tape


• Extended mechanical/electrical durability: 10 x 10^6
operations for 12 x 12 mm type and 1 x 10^6
operations for the 6 x 6 mm type

• Taped radial type, vertical type and high force types are available.

• Gold plated models available for increased contact reliability, resistance to corrosive gas and insulation failure prevention for ion migration in harsh environments

• B32-series Key Tops mount to models with projected plungers.


B3F-6050 Datasheet

B3F-6050 Datasheet



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