B43586S3468Q1 PDF – 385V, 4600uF, Aluminium Capacitor

Part Number: B43586S3468Q1, B43566, B43586-S3468-Q1

Function: 4600uF, 385V Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

Package: Screw Terminal Type

Manufacturer: EPCOS


B43586S3468Q1 capacitor


This is Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor with Screw Terminal. ( Long-life grade capacitor )


1. Extended useful life, high reliability
2. Good electrical characteristics and small dimensions
3. Extremely high ripple current capability
4. All-welded construction ensures reliable electrical contact
5. Version with optimized construction for base cooling (2-pad solution) available
6. Version with low-inductance design available


3 page

Construction :

1. Charge-discharge proof, polar

2. Aluminum case with insulating sleeve

3. Poles with screw terminal connections

4. Mounting with ring clips, clamps or threaded stud


B43586S3468Q1 Datasheet