B4600CR-5.9 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : B4600CR-5.9

Function : 600mA low dropout voltage regulator

Manufacturers : Bay Linear

Pinouts :

B4600CR-5.9 datasheet

Description :

The B4600 series are a group of positive output voltage, three-pin regulators, that provide a high current even when the input/output voltage differential is small. Very low power consumption, only 2µA typ., and high accuracy is achieved though CMOS construction and programmable fuse technologies. Output voltage: 2.0V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments.

The B4600 consists of a high-precision voltage reference, an error correction circuit, and a current
limited output driver. Available in SOT223 (500mW) and SOT-89 (300mW) packages minimizing the usage of board real state.

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B4600CR-5.9 pdf

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