B84143-A16-R Datasheet – Power Line Filter

Part Number : B84143-A16-R

Function : Power Line Filters 3-LINE – epcos.com

Manufacturers : EPCOS AG

Pinouts :

B84143-A16-R datasheet

Description :

Power linefilters for 3-phase systems Ratedvoltage 520/300 V AC, 50/60 Hz Ratedcurrent8 to 150 A


1. 3-line filter
2. Metalcase
3. Book size


1. Excellentprice/performance ratio
2. Ultra-compactdesign
3. Low weight
4. Easytoinstall
5. Optimized for long motor cables and operation under full load


3-line filters

for convertersand power electronics

Rated current 8 to150 A

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