BA5417 Datasheet – Stereo Speaker Amplifier

Part Number : BA5417, BA5406

Function : Stereo Speaker Amplifier

Package : HSIP 15 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Rohm Semiconductor


BA5417 Speaker Amplifier


The BA5406 / BA5417 is a dual OTL monolithic power IC with two built-in, high output speaker amplifier circuits. High output of 5W×2 can be produced when VCC=12 V and RL=3Ω, and 2.8 W×2 when VCC=9V and RL=3Ω. The BA5406, which uses a high allowable power dissipation package, has a simple heatsink design. The BA5417 not only exceeds basic characteristics, but also has a built-in soft clip circuit, thermal shutdown and standby circuits.



BA5417 datasheet pinout


1) Good low voltage characteristics (Operation from Vcc=5 V)
2) Ripple filter (6pin) also can be used as muting pin (Make 6pin GND potential)
3) Small thermal resistance package and simple heatsink design

1) Small pop noise when standby switches ON/OFF
2) Built-in circuit to prevent ripple addition when motor starts
3) Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
4) Built-in standby switch circuit
5) Built-in soft clip circuit


Stereo radio cassette players, mini-audio systems, LCD TVs, etc.

BA5417 Datasheet