BA6208 Datasheet PDF – Reversible Motor Driver – Rohm

Part Number: BA6208, BA6208F

Function: Reversible Motor Driver

Package : SIP9, SOP Pin type

Manufacturer: Rohm

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The BA6208 and BA6208F are monolithic ICs used for driving reversible motors. They allow control of reversible motors in cassette players and other electrical equipment by using TTL-level logic signals.
The ICs contain a logic section, which controls forward and reverse rotations as well as forced stop, and an output power section, which can supply an output current of up to 100mA (typical) according to the logic control.



1) Motor driving power transistors are built in (100mA typically).

2) Brake is applied when stopping the motor (when inputs A and B are both HIGH level).

3) Built-in diode to absorb surge currents.

4) Very low standby circuit current when inputs A and B are both LOW level.

5) Wide range of operating supply voltage (4.5 ~ 15.0V).

6) Direct control with the TTL logic.


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