BAQ35 Datasheet – 140V, 0.2A, Diode, Rectifier – Vishay

Part Number: BAQ35

Function: Small Signal Switching Diode, Low Leakage Current

Package: MiniMELF SOD-80 Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors


BAQ35 datasheet



This is 140V, 0.2A, Diode.


1. Silicon planar diodes

2. Very low reverse current



1. Protection circuits, time delay circuits, peak follower circuits, logarithmic amplifiers


Mechanical data :

1. Case : MiniMELF (SOD-80)

2. Weight : approx. 31 mg

3. Cathode band color : black

Other data sheets are available within the file: BAQ33GS08, BAQ33GS18, BAQ34, BAQ34-GS08

BAQ35 Datasheet PDF Download

BAQ35 pdf

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