BAW56 Datasheet PDF – 75V, 350mW, Switching Diode – Panjit

Part Number : BAW56

Function : Dual Switching Diode

Package : SOT-23 Type


Pinouts :

BAW56 datasheet

Description :

1. Fast switching speed.
2. Surface mount package Ideally Suited for Automatic insertion
3. Electrically Identical to Standard JEDEC
4. High Conductance


BAW56 pinout

Mechanical data

1. Case : SOT-23, Plastic
2. Terminals : Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208
3. Approx. Weight : 0.008 gram


Other data sheets within the file : BAL99, BAV70, BAV99

BAW56 Datasheet PDF Download

BAW56 pdf

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