BD2061AFJ Datasheet PDF – 1Ch, High Side Switch – Rohm

Part Number: BD2061AFJ, BD2061AFJ-E2

Function: 1.5A, Current Limit High Side Switch IC

Package : SOP-J8 type

Manufacturer: Rohm

Image :


BD2061AFJ and BD2065AFJ are single channel high side switch ICs with over-current protection for Universal Serial Bus (USB) power supply line. N-channel power MOSFET of low on resistance and low supply current are realized in this IC.And, over current detection circuit, thermal shutdown circuit, under voltage lockout and soft start circuit are built in.




・ Continuous current load
(1) Typ=0.5A (BD2041AFJ, BD2051AFJ, BD6518FJ, BD6519FJ)
(2) Typ=1.0A (BD2061AFJ, BD2065AFJ)

・ Soft start circuit

・ Over current detection

・ Thermal shutdown

・ Under voltage lockout

・ Open drain error flag output

・ Reverse-current protection when power switch off

・ Power supply voltage range
(1) 2.7V to 5.5V (BD2041AF, BD2051AFJ, BD2061AFJ, BD2065AFJ)
(2) 3.0V to 5.5V (BD6518FJ, BD6519FJ)

・ Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C



1. Barcode Scanner

2. Digital Multimeter: Handy Type

3. Motor Control: Brushless DC

4. AC Servo

5. Single Board Computer

6. Blood Pressure Monitor

7. Network Attached Storage


9. Motor Control: Stepper Motor

10. Motor Control: Brushed DC

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