BD8174MUV PDF – Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Part Number: BD8174MUV

Function: Multi-channel System Power Supply IC

Package: VQFN 48 Pin ( 7.00mm x 7.00mm x 1.00mm )

Manufacturer: Rohm


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The BD8174MUV is a system power supply IC that generates 6 power supply channels required by TFT-LCD panels on a single chip. Output voltage and sequence is fixed so that it is possible to control output with few external components.


1. Step-up DC/DC Converter with Built-in 3A FET

2. Synchronous Step-down DC/DC Converter with Built-in 2A FET

3. High Voltage LDO (50mA)

4. Low Voltage LDO (400mA)

5. Positive/ Negative Charge Pumps (Integrated-diode)

6. 10bit DAC 4CH

7. VCOM Amplifier

8. Gate Shading Function

9. All-output Shut Down Function

10. Power Good Function


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BD8174MUV Datasheet