BF981 Datasheet PDF – 20V, 20mA, N-Ch, Dual Gate MOSFET

Part Number: BF981

Function: 20V, 20mA, DUAL GATE MOSFET

Package: SOT-103 Type

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductors




This is 20V, 20mA, Silicon N-Channel Dual Gate MOSFET.

Depletion type field-effect transistor in a plastic X-package with source and substrate interconnected, intended for v.h.f. applications, such as v.h.f. television tuners, f.m. tuners and professional communication equiment. This MOSFET tetrode is protected against excessive input voltage surges by integrated back-to-back didodes between gates and source.



Quick Referece Data :

1. Drain-source voltage : Vds = max. 20V

2. Drain current : Id = max. 20mA

3. Total power dissipation up to Tamb = 75’C : Ptot = max. 225mW


BF981 Datasheet

BF981 pdf


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